FOCUS ON: Ramadan Gaming Championship 2023

Spotlight on the Middle Eastern Gaming Community for the sacred month of Ramadan

From April 18th to June 4th, The Ramadan Gaming Championship is back for its third consecutive year. Organized by Playtonia Middle East, intense gaming battles are expected!

Although the 2023 Ramadan is over, the tournament still has a lot of live events to broadcast while sharing the values of the sacred month. This event is the perfect occasion to celebrate and share our gaming passion all together in the spirit of Ramadan!

PUBG and Valorant take center stage in this edition

This year’s tournament promises exhilarating gameplay across two popular FPS games: PUBG and Valorant. 

PUBG is a highly popular online multiplayer battle royale game. Players are dropped onto a vast island where they then need to find weapons and equipment to survive and eliminate their opponents. Who says battle royale means there can only be one winning team amongst a lot of eSports teams, therefore PUBG always promises lots of excitement and unexpected twists!

Team spirit is always at the heart of the Ramadan Gaming Championship, and you can also find it in Valorant! Here, two teams fight each other, one being the attacker, and the other being defender. Characters’ specific abilities make each game more unique and breathtaking than the last one, which promises fun and new content every time.

And the winner is…

As always, the Ramadan Gaming Championship is more than a competition, it’s the occasion to gather and share amazing eSports moments to get nice memories. No spoilers here, but PUBG enthusiasts already watched an intense finale that gave spectators a whole lot of emotions. The competition was fierce as several teams fought and showcased their skills to claim the title of PUBG champions. It was definitely worth the wait! 

Although the PUBG finale already aired recently, Valorant’s awaits! On June 4th, the match that will close this year’s championship will air live on BIGG TV on prime time! The finale promises a lot of surprises, so make sure to not miss it!