BIGG RECAP: June 2023

Game releases, events and eSports competitions : What happened in the gaming world in June!

Summer is finally here, and for those who like to keep cool while the weather is hot, here is the gaming news that you might have missed in June!

June’s games releases

This month, 3 popular franchises’ sequels with a unique style and gameplay were released. Let’s dig in!

If you feel like confronting your friends in a fun and dynamic 2D fighting game that reminds you of your childhood, Street Fighter 6 will be the game of your 2023 summer.  On June 2nd, the 6th opus was launched on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Steam for computers. Only a few days after its release, the game had already sold more than a million copies. However, it might take some time to defeat the previous Street Fighter 5’s record, which made it to more than 6 million copies sold in 7 years. 

A few days later, on June 6th, the fourth opus of Diablo was released. Eleven years after Diablo III, the game was highly anticipated by the fans. In only 5 days, the game’s revenue already reached $666 million, a great proof for the players’ commitment. Diablo IV is an adventure game in which the player plays a character between 5 classes (rogue, sorcerer, barbarian, druid, and necromancer), and needs to fight monsters all along the adventure. Some Twitch streams of the game already show more than a million views from the streamer Fextralife (1.6M followers), and more than 700 000 from JenFoxxx (+900k followers).

Finally, for those who prefer a more fantasy-like adventure game, Final Fantasy XVI was released on June 22th. Since the first launch of the franchise in 1987, the game met several adjustments, making the gaming experience always better than the previous, but also very different. In the game, the player follows the incredible and magical adventure of the main character, fighting the evil through quests in an immense fantasy world.The franchise is one of the most popular franchises in the world, with its unique adventure and fantasy style and characters. Indeed, all of the games resulted in more than 173 million copies sold. 

June’s gaming events

If the 3 releases of this month are not to your taste, don’t worry! Some great events were broadcasted this month.

Esport olympique | Séries et semaine 2023, histoires, performance & bien-êtreAmong those, the Olympic Esports Week in Singapore! From June 22nd to 25th, and for the third year in a row, the championship was held to please not only gaming fans, but also sports fans! Indeed, the competition brought sports games to the spotlight that were closer to real life sports, in order to fit the theme of the Olympics. Hence, some well-known sports titles like NBA 2K23, Gran Turismo 7, Just Dance 2023 and Street Fighter 6 -which was the first esports competition of the game- were part of the competition, but there were also some highly popular other games like Fortnite and Rocket League. Besides that, the competition included sports games with archery, baseball, cycling, taekwondo, tennis and chess. 

Xbox Games Showcase : le résumé des annonces du 11 juin 2023

Besides the Olympic Esports Week, we were thrilled to learn more about Xbox’s future releases thanks to the Xbox Games Showcase that was broadcasted on June 11th. On Youtube, more than 3 million viewers watched the showcase. Among all of the games that the company presented, some highly expected titles have been announced, such as : Fable, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Payday 3, Forza Motorsport, Starfield and Star Wars Outlaws. 

Whether you prefer to watch video game content or to play them, June definitely had something for you! 

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